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Material & Process

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Understanding customers / products requirement and then suggesting appropriate material and process helps us developing keypads and branding items which turn out in becoming a real value for money products. Thorough knowledge about various substrates, adhesives, inks, understanding process advantages and limitations has always helped us in satisfying our customers. We offer a wide variety of substrates like aluminum, steel, polyester, poly carbonate, vinyl etc., which can be decorated with our various processes to develop a real unique branding product.


Aluminum Brightening
Screen Printing
Digital Printing

Selective Doming
UV Selective texturing
Spray Painting
Hairline Brushing
Selective Hairline Brushing

Spun finishing
Diamond Carving
Laser cutting
Die Punching / Forming
Stud Welding

Total Branding Products

World of brand elevation, the world where creativity, imagination and engineering works together.